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If you are an emergency case requiring immediate attention, please call (+237) 3342 9910 or the nurse at (+237) 9623 7813. We will give you instructions and directions. If you know the Daniel Muna Clinic’ s address, please come as quick as possible. If you need transfer by us, please let us know by phone.

There are several specialists in the clinic who consult on appointment basis.  We serve patients on the basis of first come first serve and you may not be received immediately on arrival to see your doctor but we try not to keep you waiting for a long period.

When you are a new patient to the clinic, you are warmly received by our Reception Staff.  Your contact information would be requested and you will be duly registered in our system.  You will be given an appointment booklet which will carry your hospital number and which you will be required to bring along with you whenever you visit the hospital for ease of reference. Your consultations fees would be requested which you will pay by cash or through your insurance. All your vital signs e.g. BP, temperature, weight etc would be taken before you are taken to the doctor for consultation.

Yes we do.  We have state-of the art imaging facilities.  In addition to what you mentioned, we have mammography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment.

Yes.  We have two (2) in-house Paediatricians at your service.

You will be informed and this is usually carried out by our highly qualified personnel in our Emergency Service.

Yes we do at both premises i.e. Main Clinic and Annex

Most surgeries require some form of sedation. The Anesthetist will explain what steps to follow and what kind of sedation you require.

Your consulting doctor will be available to explain this to you.

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